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PROFIT GUARANTEE guarantee every single tips purchased to be winners, and nothing but winners! Should the results of any tips ended in a draw or lose, you will receive unconditional 2 free tips replacement sent on the next match day. We call this - 100% Memberships Guarantee Satisfaction.

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Soccer betting is an investment tool and profits can be made consistently. Many bettors lost money even with news, information and hours of research on the net or newspapers. But, bookmakers can be beaten! Control, money management, experience and capping skills are some aspects required to achieve positive returns.

Bookmakers lay traps and use odds to confuse bettors. The way to generate profits, other than those aspects mentioned above, is to beat the bookmakers at their own game. Our betting system does it and achieves positive returns

Why Buy our Soccer Tips?

With the soccer odds fluctuation and market uncertainty, more peoples are falling into the bookies' trap. Many soccer bettors who weren't our customers, were bemoaning their luck as they incurred huge debt and suffered heavy losses. They were simply betting on their own predictions or simply follow soccer forum tipsters blindly.

This is a huge error and mistake that happen to soccer bettors. Without the proper guidance and professional advice, they will eventually lose to their bookmakers.

We can help you to beat the bookmakers. For a very affordable and reasonable fees, you can get access to our socccer tips. We offer 2 types of membership, based on leagues as follow:

Minor League Tips

Major League Tips

About Us

We are a team of experienced bettors in soccer. Our expertise is in English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Internationals and World Cup 2018 Qualifiers and minor leagues like Sweden Allsvenskan, Norwegian Tippeligaen, Finland Veikkausliiga, Ireland Premier League, Austria Bundesliga, etc. Our experiences over the years make us aware of the consequences of betting recklessly. We are able to win in consistent ways and have come up with a system to generate profits from soccer betting.

We based our system on three core attributes of experience, knowledge and adaptability. These three core attributes are harnessed so that we can exploit soccer bookmakers to achieve a consistent increase in investment performance. We strongly believe that superior investment performance is achieved through a careful balance of three important factors :

Our investment team is seasoned by years of international experience and multiple market cycles. The team is headed by a an experienced manager that boast over 20 years' experience in soccer betting.

Backed by a proven investment process, the team aggregates knowledge of soccer teams, referees and players, and insider rumours that identifies investment trends and themes early - insights that translate into meaningful returns for our clients.

We believe it is imperative to be organised for adaptability, since the nature of soccer asian handicaps and its odds fluctuate over time. At, we organise ourselves to achieve predictable and consistent out-performance relative to benchmarks and peers, in response to constantly evolving markets. Combined with the knowledge and experience of our investment professionals, we believe it is this blend of qualities which makes the difference between mediocre results and our ability to deliver superior investment returns.